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Raine can equip a variety of rods and staffs, best used for boosting her magic power rather than for attacking. Listed in alphabetical order.
Ancient Rod Ancient wisdom is said to be sealed in the gem on the top of the rod.
Atk: 364, Int: 8
Battle Staff A staff good for bashing enemies.
Atk: 115, Int: 2
Crystal Rod A supreme rod used by an ancient mage.
Atk: 640, Int: 12
Deck Brush A mystic brush protected by the spirit of wind.
Atk: 550, Int: 0, Acc: 50, Eva: 20, Luck: 30, (Elemental) Atk: Wind
Earth Rod A rod with the power of earth.
Atk: 192, Int: 3, (Elemental) Atk: Earth
Gale Staff A staff with the power of wind.
Atk: 268, Int: 5, (Elemental) Atk: Wind
Gem Rod A rod decorated with a cheap gem on the top.
Atk: 140, Int: 2
Hanuman's Staff A staff that once belonged to a legendary hero.
Atk: 524, Int: 11
Heart of Chaos A cursed weapon that pulses with evil energy. (one of the Devil's Arms)
Atk: 0, Int: 50, Acc: -30, Luck: -30
Holy Staff A staff blessed by the gods.
Atk: 436, Int: 9, (Elemental) Atk: Light
Phoenix Rod A rod that draws its power from phoenix feathers.
Atk: 316, Int: 6, (Elemental) Atk: Fire
Rod A simple rod made of oak.
Atk: 80, Int: 1
Ruby Wand A wand decorated with a ruby on the top.
Atk: 212, Int: 4
Rune Staff Mystical staff with a rune engraved into the metal.
Atk: 472, Int:10
Thunder Scepter A scepter with the power of thunder.
Atk: 336, Int: 7, (Elemental) Atk: Lightning

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