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Each party member can accquire different titles, which raise stats each level, and may also change their costumes.
Teacher - default.
A work filled with dreams, her job is to teach her students the joys of learning.

Archeological Mania - get after visiting Triet Ruins.
If there's a ruin in the east, she'll be there. If there's one in the west, she'll be there too.
TP +1, INT +2

Sisterly Love - get in Triet after visiting Triet Ruins.
The title given to an older sister who is strict but at times kind as a mother.
STR +1, ACC +1

Grand Healer - get after recieving the Unicorn's Horn at Lake Umacy.
Using her energy from within, she can give her allies both salvation and healing.
TP +1, STR +2, DEF +2

Researcher - reach Level 20.
Her dedication has surpassed study itself; she can't stop flaunting her knowledge.
HP +2, INT +3

Professor - reach Level 40.
Her vast knowledge cannot be expressed in words... people call her the Professor.
HP +4, STR +8, INT +4, EVA +2

Wisewoman - reach Level 100.
The title for the noble one who sees through the laws of the cosmos.
HP +10, INT +10

Passable Chef? - master all recipies and speak to the Wonder Chef in Altamira with Raine as the avatar.
It wasn't that close of a shave! Nobody got sick (according to her).
DEF +5, INT +4, EVA +5

Gladiator Queen - beat Advanced Single Mode in the Meltokio Coliseum with Raine.
A warrior who has trampled every enemy. The audience is astounded by her power.
HP +4, TP +3, STR +4, DEF +4, INT +4, EVA +4, ACC +4

Monster Collector - complete Monster List and speak to Nova.
She knows every creature that roams the world. Her research may aid humanity.
TP +3, INT +10

Item Keeper - have Raine use the same item 5+ times in battle.
Even if I know it is an important job, it does not mean that I would want it.
DEF + 3, EVA +3

Crimson Rose - battle with Raine in a party of 4 women.
It blooms beautifully, because it is so close to death. But don't forget, it still has thorns!
INT +4, EVA +4

Never Say Never - have Raine die 5+ times in battle.
From countless deaths, the Phoenix rises. The title for the one who keeps coming back.
HP +5, STR +4

Survivor - finish a battle with only Raine still alive.
Lonely as a castaway alone on an island. The title for the lone survivor.
HP +2, TP +1, STR +2, DEF +2, INT +2, EVA +2, ACC +2

Glamorous Beauty - see costumes.

Maiden - see costumes.

No, Not The Sun! - see costumes.

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