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You can blame FST for this one. Now I can't get into a fandom without imagining a soundtrack for it. So on my iTunes there exists a fan soundtrack for Tales of Symphonia comprised of my ecclectic musical interests. I also made a sad attempt to give every main character a signature song. Raine's theme song comes in the form of "Pressed In A Book" by The Shins, from their album Oh, Inverted World! released in 2001. Full lyrics can be found here.
doted on like seeds planted in a row
the untied shoelaces of your life
nurtured all year then pressed in a book
or displayed in bad taste at the table
I've always seen Raine as having the role of being a stable and levelheaded person while the people around her are out of control. Lloyd is impulsive, Colette... isn't too bright, and Genis is still immature, despite his intelligence. Dealing with those three is bound to be hectic.
cut from bad cloth or soiled like bad socks
add it up and basically people never change
At the beginning of the game, Raine has a very firm belief that people who hate her because of her race cannot change.
as we walk and make plans in the dark
or make haste with the boy who can't help
but creep good people out
as you talk to me too much you're assuming
we don't always want what's right
I can see this song being about Raine's relationship with Lloyd, the party's eventual hotheaded leader who rarely looks before he leaps.

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