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In order to get an ending with a specific character, they must have a high enough "affection" for you. Dialogue choices you make, skit points, and other events will affect how much a character likes you. In order to bring Raine's affection for you up, follow this guide. Oh, and being mean to the other characters *cough* Colette *cough* will always help.

choosing raine

...at these spots will increase her affection for you.
- Talk to her at Dirk's house
- Talk to her twice in the Triet Inn
- Choose her to go with you at the Asgard Ranch
- Have her save you at Thoda Geyser or succeed by yourself
- Ride the dragon to the Tower of Salvation with her
- Choose her to make the curry in the Earth Temple
- Choose her to rescue Kate
- Choose her at the Iselia Ranch
- Go outside with her in Flanoir


...completing these will raise Raine's affection
- Choose her at Altamira Beach
- Choose her at the dinner party in Meltokio
- Save Clara at Izoold

skit choices

...every now and then, you'll see a glowing circle on the map. Walking into one will trigger a conversation with a party member. Choosing the right answer will raise their affection for you.
- Near Lake Umacy: "I see..."
- South of Triet Ruins: "What's wrong, Professor?"
- Around the Tower of Mana: "You'll get better eventually."
- Near the Temple of Darkness: "What's wrong, Professor?"
- Near Ymir Forest: "Why do you try to act so tough?"

dialouge choices

...pick these answers to either raise Raine's affection or make sure it's not lowered.
- At Iselia Temple: "I'll wait for you."
- Triet campfire: (talk to Raine) "Colette is Colette."
- Meeting Sheena at Ossa Trail: "Leave her alone. She's an enemy."
- Inn in Hima: "Ok, but..."
- Luin (Sheena at the fountain): "You're kind of cute."
- After Sheena joins in Luin: "No."
- Luin, after Asgard Human Ranch: "All right."
- House of Salvation/Hakonesia Peak: either option
- House of Salvation (talking about Spiritua Statue): "The problem is the geyser."
- Palmacosta Human Ranch: "Let's return to Palmacosta."
- Talking to Dorr: "That I can't do."
- Palmacosta, talking to Neil: "I guess that's okay."
- Asgard, fake Chosen: "No."
- Meltokio: "All right. That's fine."
- Ozette, after Colette is kidnapped: "What do you think, guys?"

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