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raine sage

All about Raine, as a Professor, sister, friend, mentor, and archaeological maniac.
Symphonia - Tales of Symphonia. Save not one, but two worlds!

Basics - A kind and devoted teacher. Just don't fall asleep in class.

In-Depth - From archaeological mania to really bad cooking.

Race - The half-elf struggle, and Raine's role within it.

Family - Lost in the dreams of our fathers? The significance of family.

Hero - Lloyd Irving, melting icy hearts of angsty characters everywhere.

Friends - The ninja, the convict, the mercenary, the philanderer, etc.

Name - A bit obvious, but whatever. Raine > Refill.

Quotes - Some of Raine's best lines. MARVELOUS! ♥

Cameos - Other places to find Raine, from games to anime.

Sequel - Dawn of the New World: two years later.

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