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Tales of Symphonia has one of the best game scripts I've ever encountered. Cheesy, but good. And one of the longest, too! I've picked out some of Raine's best lines for your reading pleasure.

in game

"You can't change what has happened. But you can change what's going to happen... change yourself as well as the world around you."

"Heheheheheh! So this is an Exsphere! MARVELOUS!"

"Oh, feel the smooth surface! It's wonderous! ♥"

Raine: "You say you're going to destroy this fabulous ruin? Now listen, during the final era of the Balacruf Dynasty, this ruin was..."
Lloyd: "Professor!"
Raine: "What? If you have any questions, I'll take them after the lecture."
Lloyd: "The bomb turned on."
Raine: "I said, if you have any questions, I'll take them after the la- .... What?"

"Men are so useless these days."

"I'm not stupid enough to waste my time lecturing pigs."

"Sacrifice? When did anyone become a sacrifice? I believe in your ideals. A world that would accept those of us caught in the middle. I believe in your vision of the world. It has become my hope. I came here in order to realize that dream. I've no regrets."

"Living on without hope is worse than death, don't you think?"

Raine: "Yes. I used to believe that there are some things that can't be changed in this world."
Lloyd: "And now you don't?"
Raine: "...I still think there are some things that can't be changed."
Lloyd: "Ah..."
Raine: "But I don't think it's such a bad thing to believe in possibilities. Although I'm a little nervous about this change in myself."

"Adults are troublesome creatures. They aren't very good at admitting their mistakes."

during skits

Raine: "Oh, that's right, Corrine is a man-made Summon Spirit. Fascinating!..."
Corrine: "Uh oh..."
Sheena: "Run for it!"
Raine: "Come back here this instant!"

Zelos: "I see you're as untrusting as ever, Mistress Raine."
Raine: "I prefer you call it prudence. You're all too softhearted and quick to trust. We need at least one person with some discretion."

Lloyd: "Professor. How were my moves just now?"
Raine: "They were good, Lloyd."
Lloyd: "That's what I thought. I think maybe I'm a genius!"
Raine: *Sigh* "If only that talent applied to studying as well...."
Lloyd: "Hmm? Did you say something?"

Raine: "When a single decision you make could destroy the world, casually choosing your friend's life instead would have been a strange choice indeed."

Regal: "This was a mine from the ancient times. These machines are also from that time."
Raine: "What?! Rather than preserving ancient relics, they're still actively using them here?!"
Regal: "Well, I suppose you could look at it that way but--"
Raine: "Blasphemy! This cannot be allowed! Bring me the one responsible, now!"

Raine: "'I don't want there to be any sacrifices. I don't want anyone to suffer.' That way of thinking is not wrong. But you must deal with the frustration of the fact that sometimes you are forced to make a choice. Lloyd, take responsibility for the choices you have made."
Lloyd: "...You're too harsh, Professor." *exits*
Raine: "The reason I say such harsh things is that I believe that you will overcome them. You are strong, Lloyd."

Raine: "Being captured in a statue or in books means that you remain as a part of history. History is something for me to study: I'm not the one who's supposed to be studied."
Colette: "...You're just embarrassed at the compliment, aren't you, Professor?"
Raine: "...How do you get that out of what I just said?"
Colette: "Because your face is all red."
Raine: "Oh..."

Lloyd: "Oh, no! Professor, are you in ruin-mode?!"
Raine: "Don't give it a weird name!"

Raine: "What's with that look?! Archeology is great! Lloyd, of all the temples in Tethe'alla, this Temple of Darkness is a rare example of one that largely retains its original form. It's the perfect chance to investigate whether the seals on Tethe'alla's side are more difficult to release."
Lloyd: "Colette, run!"
Colette: "O...okay!"
Raine: "Hey! Stop, you two!"

Raine: "A ruin at the bottom of the sea?"
Colette: "Ah, but you can't breathe without air..."
Raine: "A ruin at the bottom of the sea... Hmm."
Colette: "Oh, but what if you filled a bag with air and put that over your head before diving into the water?"
Raine: "Hmm...a civilization that sunk into the sea... no, that lived under the sea..."
Colette: "But then, you'd be eating nothing but fish all the time."
Raine: "There may be some way to cook underwater."
Colette: "Is there a fire that can burn underwater?"
Raine: "If there is, that would be a civilization with very advanced technology."
Regal: "I'm not sure if they are even talking with each other or not."
Sheena: "Just once I'd like to see what's going on inside both of their heads."

during battle

"Let's begin the research!"

"What an abnormal sized specimen!"

"Root of all creation, grant us the breath of life! Revitalize!"

"Bring back this soul from Purgatory! Ressurection!"

Raine: "What was that enemy's name?"
Colette: "I like 'Poochie'!"
Raine: "No dear, I meant the species."

Raine: "This is not an inn, dear."
Sheena: "Be quiet, you cold hearted witch!"
Raine: "Let's just leave her here."

"Tales of Symphonia" and its characters © Namco. All other content belongs to Michelle.