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ps2 changes

While Tales of Symphonia was originally released for the Nintendo Gamecube, in 2004 it was re-released for the Sony Playstation 2, but only in Japan . The game offered a few changes from the GCN version; bugs were fixed, the graphics were tweaked, and two new FMV cutscenes were added, but there was also a few goodies added in. First of all, characters gained a few new moves. Raine gained a new Tech, Inspect Magic at level 20, which serves the same purpose as a Magic Lens. She also gained two new "hidden ougis," Sacred Shine and Fairy Circle. She can also perform a new Unison Attack alongside Zelos, Kratos, or Colette. In terms of events, notable additions include a scene in the Altamira theater with either Zelos or Kratos, and another scene with Virginia in Exire. Perhaps the most amusing addition to the PS2 version is Raine's new costume title. In this version of the game, the casino in Altamira actually works. In order to get Raine's costume, you'll need to purchase "??????" from the girl at the counter (for 150,000 chips). A cutscene will follow during which Raine dons a bunny girl outfit similar to the other employees in the casino. She'll then gain the title of "Erabareshi Bijou."

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