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what's in a name?

Raine's name was changed from "Refill" to Raine for the English release without an explanation. My theory would be: Refill is a silly name. Commonly believed to be a reference to Raine's status as a healer who "refills" HP, Refill just doesn't quite appeal to English speaking audiences as a legitimate name. (Though Genis was originally "Genius," which sounds much worse.)

Well, at least "Refill" makes sense. I've always found it to be a little weird that a character who's afraid of water has a name similar to "rain." But rain is generally associated with calming and revitalizing, which corresponds with Raine's healing techniques. But rain can also be a destructive and powerful force: possibly referring to Raine's dual personality?

"Sage" has a fairly obvious meaning. Thanks to my friend, dictionary.com, a "sage" is "one venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom". Sage can also be used as an adjective, to describe something as "exhibiting wisdom and calm judgment." Both descriptions fit Raine perfectly. She's a scholar, a leader and an overall sage-like figure to the rest of the party. Even if she can be a bit eccentric. "Sage" may have also another meaning. Sage is an herb, and though its culinary use has little to do with Raine (haha), it's also used as a medicinal herb. Types of sage have various medical uses, from aromatherapy to antibiotics. The Latin word for sage is Salvia, which comes from salveo, "to be in good health." The herb certainly relates to Raine's status as a healer.

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