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lloyd irving

Lloyd Irving is certainly not Raine’s best student. He's prone to falling asleep in class, while she’s prone to throwing books at his head in retaliation. Raine is constantly expressing her discontent at Lloyd's habit of looking before he leaps, his eagerness to trust people, and his unwillingness to study. Their personalities conflict entirely; Raine is cautious and scholarly while Lloyd is idealistic and often childish. Raine thinks he’s soft and has a lot to learn, but it later becomes evident that she has a good deal of faith in him despite her sometimes cold treatment. She comes to see that Lloyd's kindness as a positive thing. Despite Lloyd's apparent flaws, he's undeniably courageous and proves to be quite the hero.

As I mention in quite a few sections of this site, one of the major aspects of Raine's character is her difficulty believing things can change. Even though she does speak to Lloyd of making a difference in the world early on, she doesn't seem to take her own words ("change yourself as well as the world around you") to heart until the end of the game. The world, as she sees it, will stay the way it is and discrimination will continue. Lloyd obviously doesn't share this belief; he’s committed to changing the way the world works by putting a stop to Mithos' plans. It's through Lloyd's determination and friendship that Raine finally begins to accept that change can occur. If she speaks to Lloyd at Flanoir, she admits that some things can't be changed, but she'll believe in possibilities.

Raine’s faith in Lloyd is illustrated most greatly in the scene where she sacrifices herself to allow Lloyd to continue on his path. Within the destroyed Tower of Mana, the party members each fall victim to a trap (which they’re later rescued from) in order to let Lloyd through. Raine finds herself operating a computer that opens doors within the tower but also causes the floor to collapse. She operates the machine as Lloyd goes forward while the room falls apart around her. Lloyd protests her staying behind, saying he won’t have her sacrifice herself. But Raine denies that it's a sacrifice, because she believes in what he's trying to accomplish, stating "I believe in your vision of the world. It has become my hope. I came all the way here in order to realize that dream. I've no regrets." Raine comes to believe that the change can only be brought about if she changes herself. By the final battle, she admits that people can change their views.

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