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Archaeological mania, indeed! As calm and mature as Raine tries to appear, her love of ancient ruins and artifacts sends her into a frenzy. Anything relating to ancient history launches her "Ruin Mode," as Lloyd calls it (much to Raine's chagrin). Also, she gets particularly angry and even violent if someone threatens or, god forbid, damages ruins or an artifact.

But as the story progresses, the player finds out that there’s something more than scholarly pursuits fueling Raine's interest in ancient ruins. It's revealed that Raine and Genis are half-elves, driven out of Tethe'alla and sent to Sylvarant by their mother as children. Tethe'alla always seemed strangely familiar to Raine, and upon finding the Otherworldly Gate, a place that links the two worlds together, she recognizes it as the place she's been searching for: the ancient ruin where she was "abandoned" by her mother. Still, her interest in ruins doesn't diminish after her discovery, as evidenced by the Z-Skit "The Eternal Obsession." She's still a scholar at heart.


As strong and stubborn as Raine would like to appear, it becomes evident that she has faults and phobias that she won't admit to. For example, she's terrified of water but tries to cover up that fear, despite it being painfully obvious. When Lloyd confronts her about it, he's given the option of asking "why do you act so tough all the time?" It's also apparent that not being able to save lives or heal with her arts greatly distresses her, something that comes up a lot through the course of the game, from Dorr's death in Palmacosta to Colette's Angel Toxicosis. But she keeps those regrets to herself. She rarely speaks about her own feelings, no matter how sad or hurt she may be.

Additionally, it must be mentioned that Raine is a horrible cook. All recipes, save one, take only two stars to master. Kratos even claims he needs to use First Aid after eating one of her meals. Genis seems to take over cooking duties in the household. Even after mastering all the recipes, Raine gains the title "Passable Chef?" Note the question mark.


For all her cold and logical decisions and unwillingness to admit her fears, Raine does make a change in her outlook and opens up more as the game progresses. She forms friendships with the other party members, despite distrusting the majority of them when she first meets them. Lloyd is responsible for much of her character's evolution, as she starts to see his kindness and ability to trust as a virtue rather than a fault and he helps her realize that the world can be changed. It takes her a while to accept it, but she ultimately believes that people can change their attitudes...

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