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gameplay information

Information on using Raine in game, from battle strategies to questionable cooking.
Strategy - My advice on using Raine as an effective party member.

Techs - Healing, supportive, and Light magic attacks.

Unison Attacks - Attacks executed with others.

EX Skills - Nifty extra skills from EX Gems.

Weapons - Equipable rods and staffs. Deckbrush FTW!

Armor - Protecting the body, head, and arm.

Titles - All obtainable titles and their benefits.

Costumes - Play dressup with titles! Raine's conservative costumes.

Relationship - Become Lloyd's soulmate! I know you want to!

PS2 Changes - All the cool extras they only got in Japan.

Cooking - She's no Wonder Chef. But if you want her title...

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