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colette brunel

Colette, Sylvarant's Chosen of Mana, is one of Raine's students. Diligent and inquisitive despite being ditzy, Colette is a welcome contrast to Lloyd's brash personality. So while Colette may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, Raine takes more of a "no, dear"- attitude rather than reprimanding her as she does with Lloyd. Raine was one of Colette's original companions on the Journey of Regeneration and was aware of the cruel fate of the Chosen. But once Cruxis' plan is exposed, Raine becomes committed to saving Colette's life as she endures everything from kidnappings to illness. In turn, Colette respects the Professor as an authority figure in the party, even if Raine's cynical outlook often conflicts with Colette's optimistic one.

sheena fujibayashi

Sheena and Raine's relationship doesn't exactly start off well. The young summoner first meets the party when trying to assassinate Colette, and while Lloyd and Colette fail to see the threat she poses, Raine obviously does. Even after meeting an injured Sheena in Luin, Raine is hesitant to heal her and call a truce. Sheena initially thinks that Raine is awfully cold, but the two seem to develop a friendship after traveling together.

kratos aurion

Before he leaves the party, Kratos serves as a voice of reason alongside Raine in a group full of children. While on the journey, both he and Raine tend to think logically and commit themselves to completing their mission. Kratos is very similar to Raine in that he may be cold and harsh to the others, but only for their own good, especially in the case of Lloyd. (He also offers a sane authority figure when Raine is in her Ruin Mode.) After Kratos leaves, Raine feels angry at herself for not seeing Kratos' betrayal beforehand. But in the end, they both have the same goal and a deep concern for Lloyd.

presea combatir

When Raine first meets Presea, the girl is virtually emotionless, almost like a doll. Once it's revealed that the axe-wielding girl's condition is the result of a Cruxis Crystal experiment, Raine goes along with the plan to help Presea and bring her home. Perhaps this was because she reminded Raine of Colette when she had lost her heart. The two don't interact that much, but Presea is mysteriously mature for her apparent age and offers a good deal of expertise, so Raine no doubt values her presence.

regal bryant

Raine and Regal don't have much of a bond, but after Kratos leaves Regal serves the role as the other mature member of the party. When they first meet, Raine even allows him to fight alongside the party after they take him prisoner with little suspicion. She's able to discuss serious matters with Regal that would probably upset Lloyd, such as placing a priority on the hero's life.

zelos wilder

Zelos, the Chosen of Tethe'alla, flirts with Raine (along with every other female and Lloyd he comes across) at every chance he can get. Raine tends to ignore him completely. While Zelos initially dislikes half-elves, he still treats Raine with respect, although she refuses to let him call her "Ultra Gorgeous Cool Beauty." Raine doesn't seem to think much of him, but puts up with him regardless.

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