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Raine's past is something of a mystery throughout the beginning of the game. It's never explained exactly why she and Genis live alone without parents. But Raine soon recognizes aspects of Tethe'alla throughout the party's travels and it's eventually revealed that she and Genis were born there. After finding the Otherworldly Gate, Raine explains that she was "abandoned" there by her mother and sent to Sylvarant...

Raine's mother, Virginia, was an elf living in the village of Heimdall. A human sent on an investigation from Meltokio, Kloitz, fell in love with her. The two lived in Heimdall until a half-elf tried to "sell out" the Kloitz so some soldiers (likely from Meltokio). Fighting erupted between the elves and the half-elves of the village and Virginia and her family were banished. They traveled around without settling down, but Kloitz became ill and died after arriving in the village of Exire. Some time after, their children, Raine and Genis, were brought by Virginia to the Otherworldly Gate and sent to Sylvarant. Virginia's mental state began to deteriorate after sending her children away.

Raine believes that Virginia abandoned and shunned her and Genis, most likely because they were half-elves. When the party reaches Exire, they meet Raine’s deranged mother. This is where the normally calm and cool Raine reaches her breaking point. She finds her mother holding a doll which she calls "Raine" and claiming that she is pregnant with her second child, who will either be "Jean" or "Genis." Raine becomes angry at the sight and screams at her mother, demanding to know why she was abandoned and forgotten. Virginia is confused and Raine storms out. She wants to know how her mother could simply throw her and Genis away and then forget they had even existed.

But after speaking with the Elder of Exire, the true reason behind Raine's supposed abandonment is revealed when he gives Raine the item "Virginia’s Diary." As it turns out, Virginia's family was being pursued by the Imperial Research Academy, who wished to get their hands on the talented Raine. Virginia brought her children to the Otherworldly Gate to send them to Sylvarant so they would stop being followed. If Raine had been taken by the Imperial Research Academy, then she would have been forced to work in a basement dungeon, like Kate. Virginia wrote that she wanted her children to be happy, living in a land free of discrimination. Genis is quick to point out that they were never abandoned out of hatred or neglect, but because their mother only wished for them to be free. Raine quietly agrees.

Virginia calls herself "powerless" in her memoir, and it's this weakness in the face of discrimination that fuels Raine to stop Mithos. When faced with an illusion of her mother in Welgaia who calls Raine "tainted" and blames her daughter for the banishment from Heimdall, Raine is distraught and angry. But she regains her senses when Lloyd breaks through the illusion. Raine then realizes the truth; it wasn't out of her mother's hatred that she and Genis were sent to Sylvarant, "it was because of the world that hates my blood and a mother who was too weak to stand up against it. I'm going to stop hating that weakness. My hatred never changed anything. In order to change the world, I must first... change myself."

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As Genis was only an infant when he and Raine were sent to Sylvarant, Raine was left with the task of raising him. She never mentioned anything about their past or parents to him, believing that it would be best, which Genis comes to understand. The two may not always get along, Genis picks on Raine's cooking and Raine gets upset with him from time to time, but the two certainly care about each other. Genis takes care of cooking and aids Raine when she's sick or hurt, while Raine takes on a parental role toward her brother. In a Z-Skit Genis says that, "It feels kind of strange. I mean, you're my sister, but at the same time... you were like a mother to me." Raine is a bit startled by Genis' claim, but it really does sum up their relationship well.

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