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ex skills

EX Skills are acquired by setting EX Gems. Whoa. Every EX Skill is also a T- or an S-Type, which effects which Techs Raine will learn.
Level 1:
Magical - Increases intelligence. Increases power of spell attacks. T.
Tough - Increases defense. Decreases damage from physical attacks. S.
Taunt - Taunt opponents by pressing Z. Increases U. Attack gauge. T.
Dodge - Increases evasion. Decreases physical damage from enemies with low accuracy. T.
Level 2:
Spirit - Increases max TP. T.
Neutralizer - Occasionally nullifies received damage. T.
E. Guard - Increase elemental defense. Decreases damage from elemental attacks. S.
Personal - Decrease non-battle TP consumption to 1 at Save Points. S.
Level 3:
Eternal - Combine with other Ex Skills for different effects. S.
Add Combo - Increase basic attack combo by 1. T.
Speed Cast - Decreases spell casting time. T.
Guard Plus - Decreases the amount of damage taken while guarding. S.
Level 4:
Immunity - Occasionally avoid receiving status effects from enemy attacks. S.
Item Pro - Decreases amount of time character is unable to move after using items. T.
Spell Save - Decreases casting time of same spell if the spell is interrupted by an enemy. S.
Happiness - Occasionally increases the amount of Gald and Experience earned after battles. T.

compound ex skills

...and Compond EX Skills are acquired by through setting certain combinations of EX Skills.
Coming soon.

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