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Some titles allow characters to change their appearance. However, none have any effect on a character's stats. Raine has three such titles...
Glamorous Beauty
The perfect body! The title for a glamorous adult woman.
This is Raine's "formal" outfit. The costume can be accquired after the Flanoir scene, and Zelos must be in the party. After completing the sidequest involving saving Princess Hilda, go to Zelos' house in Meltokio. Speak with Sebastian, and he will tell you about a dinner party. After receiving Lloyd's formal outfit, enter the party you can pick a character to speak to on the balcony. Picking Raine is one way to get her costume (and boost her affection), but you can pick someone else and then speak to Raine and two other characters during the party to get their formal costumes.

No, Not The Sun!
It's better to read under an umbrella. The sound of the waves calms you.
This costume would be Raine's "beach" costume. To get it, Zelos must be in the party. After the Flanoir scene, head to Altamira and speak to the lady near the hotel. She'll ask you to find her children, and after running around finding them (note: you have to speak to the little girl on the second floor of the hotel with Zelos as the avatar) she'll have a surprise for you. Speak to the lady behind in the desk in the hotel, and you'll receive Lloyd's costume. Then, either pick Raine from the list that comes up to accquire her costume, or have her be one of the top two characters that has the highest affection for you.

It's a charming word, part 2. A pity that it's not a white kimono with a red skirt.
To get this costume, which Raine wore during the first visit to Asgard, head to back to the city after the Flanoir scene with Zelos in your party. Walk up to the altar, and Raine will be asked to perform the whole special dance-thing again. Zelos enjoys this a lot ;). Afterwards, you'll recieve Raine's Maiden costume.

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