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basic information

Name: Raine Sage (English), Refill Sage (Japanese)
Age: 23
Height: 5' 5''
Class: Mage
Race: Half-Elf, initially claims to be an Elf
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Build: Average
Weapon: Staff/Rod
Parents: Virginia & Kloitz
Brother: Genis
Namco's description: "She is the teacher of the school Lloyd, Colette and Genis attend. She is also Genis' older sister. She is asked to join Colette in her journey because of her knowledge of archaeology and the magical arts. Although normally cool and logical, her passion for archaeology gets the best of her at times."

A schoolteacher in Iselia, Professor Raine is respected by her students. As a scholar, she seems to be interested in a wide range of subjects, from history to science. This includes a fanatic love of archaeology... although "fanatic" is a bit of an understatement. She also excels in healing arts, but despite being a healer she won't hesitate to lay down the law if she needs to. See: throwing a book at Lloyd's head if he falls asleep in class or smacking him upside the head for inappropriate remarks. She lives in a house with only her brother Genis, but leaves to accompany the Chosen on what turns out to be much more than a simple pilgrimage.


Raine takes the role of the game's "healer" or "white-mage," and while she is devoted to saving lives and aiding the party, she is far away from being your sweet and docile female mage. Raine is tough, to say the least. She'll take it upon herself to slap characters upside the head and even kick random NPCs if they get in her way. She's stubborn, clever, and determined, and thus respected by both her students and the party members.

Even her mindset is tough. She lets logic rule her decisions, even if her choices may hurt or disappoint people. This seemingly cold attitude may come off as harsh at first, but Raine's staunch logical approach usually serves only to help people. Lloyd and Colette are awfully optimistic and eager to trust, so Raine takes it upon herself to counter their unwary approach in order to protect them. She's not afraid to hurt feelings if it will benefit the people she cares about. But that's not to say that Raine's harsh attitude is solely "tough love." It quickly becomes apparent that she tends not to have faith in people's ability to change in a world full of discrimination...

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