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body armor

Raine's main armor, a series of robes. Yep.
Ancient Robe A robe with ancient characters written on the lining.
Def: 40
Feather Robe A feather-light robe that reduces damage from wind-based attacks by 50%.
Def: 14, Def (Elemental): Wind
Heavenly Robe A mysterious robe from the heavens. Has no visible seams.
Def: 54
Holy Robe A robe that is blessed by the gods.
Def: 49
Misty Robe A robe made of cloth as thin as mist.
Def: 23, Eva: 20
Moon Robe A robe with a moon embroidery that emits light.
Def: 21
Robe A robe made of thick cloth.
Def: 10
Rune Robe Mystical robe with a rune painted on the cloth.
Def: 44, Int: 10
Silk Robe A robe that gives its wearer grace.
Def: 36, Lck: 5
Spirit Robe
Def: 60, Def (Elemental): Darkness, Earth, Fire, Ice, Light, Lightning, Water, Wind
White Robe A robe that can only be worn by those with a pure heart.
Def: 20
Witch's Robe Its design is plain, but it glows with magical power.

head armor

From ribbons to hairpins. Don't ask me how they function as armor.
Blue Ribbon A beautiful blue ribbon.
Def: 10
Circlet An iron circlet engraved with patterns.
Def: 3, Int:1
Elemental Circlet A circlet protected by the Summon Spirits. Resistant to water, wind, fire and earth.
Def: 25, Int: 15, Def (Elemental): Water, Wind, Fire, Earth
Gold Circlet A circlet made of gold.
Def: 5, Int: 4
Hairpin A hair ornament worn by the women of Mizuho.
Def: 24
Holy Circlet A circlet engraved with the words of a deity.
Def: 12, Int: 9
Magical Ribbon A ribbon with strong magical power.
Def: 28
Maid's Hairband You can't call yourself a maid without one!
Def: 26
Mythril Circlet A circlet made of mythril, a metal with mysterious power.
Def: 11, Int: 8
Pretty Ribbon A very cute ribbon.
Def: 20
Ribbon A cute red ribbon.
Def: 4
Rune Circlet A mystical circlet with a rune engraved into the metal.
Def: 13, Int: 10
Silver Circlet A circlet made of silver. Increases concentration.
Def: 9, Int: 2
Star Circlet A mysterious circlet that shines like a star. Resistant to fire.
Def: 20, Int: 14, Def (Elemental): Fire
Striped Ribbon A ribbon with stripes.
Def: 14
Tartan Ribbon A ribbon with a checkered tartan pattern.
Def: 17

hand/arm armor

Bracelets, gloves, and rings.
Angel Bracelet A bracelet of happiness with an angel engraved on it.
Def: 8, Lck: 3
Bracelet A very plain metal bracelet.
Def: 2
Bridal Gloves White gloves made for a bride. Raises Luck.
Def: 6, Lck: 10
Cute Mittens A pair of very cute mittens.
Def: 9
Draupnir A magical bracelet. Allows its wearer to triumph over evil.
Def: 12
Gloves Gloves made with thin material. They provide little defense.
Def: 1
Iron Bracelet A bracelet made of iron.
Def: 4
Katz Mittens A pair of mittens in the shape of a cat's paw.
Def: 11
Kitchen Mittens Mittens used for cooking. Resistant to fire.
Def: 3, Def (Elemental): Fire
Lapis Bracelet A bracelet with lapis lazuli.
Def: 7, Lck: 5
Lovely Mittens Very lovely mittens.
Def: 10
Mythril Bracelet A bracelet made of mythril, a metal with mysterious power.
Def 10
Penguinist Gloves They protect your hands from cold winds. Resistant to ice.
Def: 3, Def (Elemental): Ice
Pretty Mittens A pair of very pretty mittens.
Def: 5
Shield Ring A ring that produces a semi-transparent shield when worn.
Def: 14
Silk Gloves A pair of sleek and stylish gloves."
Def: 8
Star Bracelet A bracelet made of an unknown substance. Resistant to fire.
Def: 13, Def (Elemental): Fire

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