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about the site

Construction on Ruin began in late 2004, I believe. At the time there were maybe one or two Tales of Symphonia character sites online, and I became determined to raise that number. Not that there are much more now, but anyway. This site was my first attempt at an in-depth character shrine, with a focus on essays and analysis. I can't say that the original version was too impressive or well-written, but it was a start. This site debuted in early summer 2005, and has since undergone a massive revamp in fall 2007. This site is always changing due to those pesky sequels, OVAs, and manga releases ;) but I try to keep up as best I can.

why call it "ruin?"

What's in a name? Quite a lot, in this case. "Ruin" has multiple meanings. The most obvious is the relation to Raine's obsession with ruins and things of that sort, but there's also a connection to her character development within the game. I think that Raine experiences her own sort of "ruin" when she reaches her breaking point: the meeting with her mother. It's a pivotal point for Raine and arguably the most important in her story. The exposure of her inner feelings of hurt and betrayal really shows what Raine had been keeping inside the whole time, which says a lot about her character. I think "Ruin" is a powerful word to sum up this moment when Raine's built-up feelings come bursting out. And uh… it sounds cool?

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