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the breath of life

Hello there vistor! Welcome to Ruin, a shrine dedicated to the one-and-only Raine (Refill) Sage of Namco's RPG and recent OVA, Tales of Symphonia. Raine is a devoted teacher, sister, and mentor... but she also has a crazy side, an inability to cook anything edible, and even the requisite JRPG tragic past. Yet Raine is sadly underappreciated for such a strong and unique character, so this site serves to give her the love she deserves.
last update: 6.14.13 ; part of the last fencer network ; listed at: in the fade · emotion · amassment
Just to warn you, there are unmarked spoilers all over the site! Also, I'll be using the name "Raine," because I'm most familiar with the English (Gamecube) version of Symphonia. Currently, Ruin focuses mainly on Raine's role in the game version, not the OVA, manga, or various spin-offs. This site is run by Michelle, so feel free to email me with any inquiries or contributions.

"Tales of Symphonia" and its characters © Namco. All other content belongs to Michelle.